Yashoda Latkar is a multimedia visual artist based in Southern New Mexico, specializing in photography and video, with a passion for ceramics and installation art. Originally from Mumbai, India, Yashoda moved to the United States in 2019. With over a decade of experience as a commercial photographer and a Bachelor's degree in advertising from Mumbai, Yashoda's artistic foundation is deeply rooted in visual storytelling. She recently earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from New Mexico State University.
Yashoda's art has transcended borders, gaining recognition on both national and international stages. Her exhibitions have spanned across the USA, Canada, India, and the UK, captivating audiences with her unique artistic vision. Notably, her art has found a permanent home in the collection of the University Art Museum at NMSU, a testament to the enduring impact of her work. In 2024, she was honored with the Sanitary Tortilla Factory’s Exceptional Visual Artist Scholar (EVAS) award. Additionally, Yashoda was the recipient of The Emerging Artist Award 2023 by the Dona Ana Arts Council in Las Cruces. Yashoda's art also led her to serve as an artist fellow for La Mecha Contemporary in El Paso, Texas, where she spent a transformative year honing her skills and contributing to the vibrant artistic landscape of the region. She is all set for Chicago this summer where she will be an artist resident at Latitude Chicago!